setting the course

We're Waipā Home of Champions and we plan to stay that way.

Last year we asked you what you thought about our vision and if it still reflected the current and future aspirations, priorities and needs for Waipā. You said it captures the best way forward for our communities.


Our vision has shaped the development of our draft Long Term Plan and the projects, services, activities and programmes of work we’re planning for the next 10 years.

It identifies and celebrates the district and its champion communities, and all things residents love about living and working here.

It also highlights ‘connection’, which was heightened in our communities through the Covid-19 lockdown.

Shaping our long term focus

Social resilience, culture and heritage, a sustainable environment, and supporting a thriving economy will shape our priorities for the next ten years.

A focus on community wellbeing

The outcomes we want to achieve for Waipā all have community wellbeing at the heart.

Before we started planning for the next 10 years, we asked what community wellbeing meant to you through a survey and neighbourhood BBQs held across the district last year. 

We also interviewed local business people and organisations to find out their current and future goals for the district and how they fit with community wellbeing. 

Your feedback has shaped our priorities and our proposed programme of work.

All of our strategies, plans, policies, activities and work programmes, will be shaped to successfully deliver on Council’s updated community outcomes and strategic priorities.

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