Making cents of

Council dollars

What's happening in our high-growth district and how it affects your rates. Let's take a look...

To deliver all of these services costs a lot of money!

That's where rates, fees and charges, loans, asset sales, government contributions and much more come in.


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What you're paying now (2020/21)
What you'll pay next year (2021/22)
This means, each week you will see a difference of

Click here for the full picture of what your rates will be for the next 10 years, and how they are calculated.

If you're a property owner, you'll pay rates each year.

In 2021/22, we're proposing an average rate increase for all property types of 4.1%.

This would mean $65.76 a week, or $3,420 for the entire year. Here's what it goes towards:





Not everyone's rates would increase by 4.1% - this changes depending on:

  1. What your property's capital value is,
  2. What rated services are available to you, and
  3. What changes are made to costs for rated services.


We're also proposing an average rate increase of 1.8 percent over the next 10 years. 

Here's how it looks.



keeping rates affordable

To help make rates more affordable, we use a range of income sources rather than relying solely on rates. The top limit we impose is 65% of total rates income and we are currently sitting well below at 49%.

We also put a limit on average annual rates increases. Our policy is average rates should not be more than the inflation rate for that year, plus 2% in the first three years, and plus 3% in years 4-10 of the Long Term Plan.


More about rates, debt and where your ratepayer dollars go is available here:

Check out the consultation document here

Check out our consultation document - Te Reo Maori here

where the money goes

Here's where our district's budget will be spent over the next 10 years.


As a Council, we need to borrow money to pay for some of our big ticket items. 

Borrowing lets us get important things done now while paying the costs back in an affordable way, over time - like a mortgage that we can pay back in more affordable amounts.

Debt also takes away some of the immediate financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Debt allows us to spread the cost across the generations that will benefit from the projects. This is a more affordable and fair than having the whole cost carried by ratepayers living in Waipā in the year the project is completed.

To keep up with growth, and to remain prudent, we're increasing the amount we borrow.

We aren't able to cater for the projected growth in our district as well as pay for major projects outlined in this document without borrowing money. 

Council’s debt levels will need to increase peaking at $304 million in 2027/28 to pay for it all. This is still below our debt limits and we remain in great financial shape in accordance with central government requirements. 


Council is a complex business. While our overall aim is to balance the books (meaning the money we receive equals the money we spend), this is not always possible due to the different types of ways we receive income. We are comfortable with how this is being managed.

Check out our financial strategy

Learn more about significance and engagement



The properties below provide an indication of how the proposals outlined here will impact on your rates. The values shown are inclusive of GST.



FTG: Fixed Targeted Rate - Part of your rates bill where the amount stays the same, regardless of the value of your property.

CVR: Capital Value Rate - A portion of your rates bill is based on the capital value of your property. This means those with higher-valued properties pay more.

UAGC: Uniform Annual General Charge - This is a fixed charge applied to each separately used or inhabited part of a rating unit - for example a block of flats or an additional unit on a property.

Supporting information, including significant forecasting assumptions is available here

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